Ethical Statement

Cagey's Planet is proud to be 100% sweatshop, forced labour and child labour free. We are committed to ethical social responsibility meaning all of the people who made our garments received fair pay and working conditions. 

We strongly believe in sustainability and taking care of our planet for future generations. Our runs are limited and kept to a minimum, and hope to encourage people to support local, ethical labels and promote slow fashion.

Our aim is to provide high quality products, that will last for more than one season, where the beginning to end process is transparent - so you can be confident you are buying ethical clothing.


What does ethical clothing actually mean?

For Cagey's Planet, there are three components to being an ethical clothing label - the human aspect, animal welfare aspect and environmental aspect. Here's a bit more about what that means to us, our label and for the people who make our clothes.

For the humans:

For the animals:

For the planet:


(Factory in Melbourne where our socks are made)

A bit more about our products:

We know that there is more that needs to be done, in terms of taking care or and supporting humans, animals and our planet, which is why with each collection we raise awareness on global issues and rise money for local charities (see our Giving Back page for more).